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How did it begin? I started the mods to the original StopDesign theme to match my blog theme, and Skwid asked me for a copy on the Zenphoto forums. He started making his own changes, and we've collaborated since to make it better. I have EXIF working, and added faded thumbnails to the album pages.

Zenphoto, what makes all the pictures possible. Zenphoto is a excellent photo gallery application that works using php, MySQL, and some javascript/AJAX. It features a themeable interface and very rich capabilities.

Skwid, a fine gentleman, and purveyor of all things slideshow. Skwid, has contributed a great deal to the look and feel of this theme. He has added a very cool slideshow from couloir, with buttons added by him to make the slideshow automatically load and also a way to select normal thumbnail vs slideshow view. Plus he modified the theme to include the reflection.js library on the main page.

Stopdesign, aka Douglas Bowman, who created the original template. Douglas Bowman created the template, the template was adapted for use with Zenphoto and is now packaged as of v1.0.3.

Miscellaneous bits were added like the icons from FamFamFam, and Dustin Diaz's Sweet Titles.

My humble apologies if I forgot someone.


This section is a listing of all the contributions to the design of this page including code samples, etc.

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